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PowerSync Dashboard and Service Enhancements

AUTHOR: PowerSync Product Team

Generating client-side schema

The Dashboard now supports generating a schema to copy & paste into client code. This is typically done as part of the Define Your Schema step. This action can be found by right-clicking on an instance in the Project tree, and selecting Generate client-side schema. The generated schema is based on your sync rules.

Handling schema changes

PowerSync now has limited support for detecting schema changes and automatically re-replicating tables. Specifically, dropping and re-creating a table (e.g. when running supabase db reset) should now be handled correctly as soon as you insert new data, where previously the old data (before dropping) would have remained indefinitely.

The behavior for various types of schema changes is documented here.

Sync rule editing improvements

  • Sync rule validation now validates both table and column names against the database's schema.

  • Inline validation will now:

    • report multiple errors instead of just the first one

    • validate against the schema using both table and column names

    • validate against all defined instances automatically

  • Auto-complete within the sync rules editor uses the schema again.


  • The Dashboard now lists tables from all schemas, instead of only public.

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