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This Week's PowerSync Dashboard and Service Enhancements

AUTHOR: PowerSync Product Team

Over the past week, we shipped a number of improvements to the PowerSync Dashboard and PowerSync Service.

Improved error detection and error handling:

  • Stricter validations are now in place to reject SQL syntax that PowerSync does not support, e.g. LIMIT. This is available when clicking the "Validate" button found in the sync rules file, with plans to add in-line validation in the future.

  • A table's id column is now automatically converted to text by the Sync Service if it's a different type. Previously, this resulted in an error.

Dashboard UI/UX:

  • The default sync-rules.yaml file now includes an example for filtering data by user.

  • Fixed an issue where the Sync error logs were sometimes stuck in a pending state.

  • Several UI/UX improvements and fixes.

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