PowerSync Product Team

PowerSync CLI now in Beta

AUTHOR: PowerSync Product Team

We are excited to announce that version 0.4.0 of the PowerSync CLI has been released. The CLI is now in public beta and open for anyone to try!

Some users simply prefer a faster, more minimalist interface than a dashboard for managing their PowerSync instances. In addition, the CLI enables users to:

  • Store their sync rules YAML files alongside their app code, and have multiple versions of them

  • Manage PowerSync Service deploys as part of a CI/CD pipeline

  • Hook up status monitoring to their error alerting tools

Getting started

See the docs for details on getting started. The NPM package contains details about the available commands.

Breaking change

Early beta testers on previous versions of the CLI will need to reinitialize the when upgrading to version 0.4.0.

Bugs? Feedback?

We would love to hear what you think about the CLI. Please share any feedback or bugs with us on our community Discord.

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