PowerSync Product Team
PowerSync Service

Improved performance, WebSocket support and more updates to the PowerSync Service

AUTHOR: PowerSync Product Team

We shipped WebSocket support, improved performance and fixed the following issues in the PowerSync Service (both cloud and self-hosted versions):

  • [ADDED] WebSocket support for streaming sync updates from the PowerSync Service. This additional connection option will be released to the client SDKs soon (these currently use HTTP streams).

  • [IMPROVED] Reduced memory usage when clients sync large volumes of data. Peak memory usage during sync of large batches is reduced by around 3x.

  • [IMPROVED] A clearer error message output for the unrecognized configuration parameter "app.settings.jwt_secret" Supabase error.

  • [FIXED] Handling of deleted replication slots. Before, this would stall replication and/or delete current data.

  • [FIXED] Instances failing to deploy, or ending up in a crashed state, on some invalid configurations, e.g. configuring an invalid JWKS URI.

  • [FIXED] Replication of infinity and -infinity in Postgres timestamp types.

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