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Flutter SDK

Flutter SDK Preview 6

AUTHOR: PowerSync Product Team

We're pleased to announce that we've shipped a number of updates to the Flutter SDK. Most notably, this release fixes some issues where the connection could "stall" if the app was left open for a long time.

  • [NEW] Include transaction ids on crud entries, allowing transactions to be grouped together.

  • [IMPROVED] Simplify implementation of PowerSyncBackendConnector by automatically handling token caching. Minor breaking changes are listed in the full changelog linked below.

  • [IMPROVED] Update the sqlite_async dependency to 0.4.0.

  • [FIXED] Only check token expiration on the server, avoiding issues when the local time is out of sync.

  • [FIXED] Some edge case errors that would kill the sync Isolate.

  • [FIXED] Errors when disconnecting shortly after connecting.

Full changelog is available here:

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