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Flutter Client SDK: v1.3.1

AUTHOR: PowerSync Product Team

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.1 of the PowerSync Flutter client SDK.

See the full changelog below.

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  • [ADDED] crudThrottleTime option to arguments when running PowerSyncDatabase.connect to set the throttle time for CRUD operations.


  • [IMPROVED] Deprecated the DevConnector and DevCredentials classes. These will be removed in the next major release, at which point it will be a breaking change.


  • [FIXED] Indexes incorrectly being dropped after the first run.

  • [FIXED] viewName override causing view "..." already exists errors after the first run.


  • [IMPROVED] The default log output and errors to better assist in debugging.

  • Breaking changes:

    • PowerSyncCredentials constructor is no longer const, and the endpoint URL is validated in the constructor.

    • Different error and exception classes are now used by the library, including CredentialsException, SyncResponseException and PowerSyncProtocolException, instead of more generic AssertionError and HttpException.

  • Other changes:

    • The library now logs to the console in debug builds by default. To get the old behavior, use logger: attachedLogger in the PowerSyncDatabase constructor.

    • Log messages have been improved to better explain the sync process and errors.


  • [FIXED] An error occasionally occurring when calling powersync.connect() right when opening the database.

  • [IMPROVED] Update getting started docs.


  • [IMPROVED] Expand SyncStatus to include connected, downloading, and uploading status, and the last errors.

  • [FIXED] Delete operations rejected by the server not being reverted locally.

  • [FIXED] SyncStatus.connected to be updated when calling PowerSyncDatabase.disconnect().

  • [FIXED] Network error messages only containing a single character in some cases.

  • [IMPROVED] Update sqlite_async dependency:

    • Supports catching errors in transactions and continuing the transaction.

    • Add tx.closed and db/tx.getAutoCommit()

  • [IMPROVED] Update uuid dependency:

    • Now uses CryptoRNG from uuid package now that the performance improvements are upstream.

  • Note: This version requires Dart ^3.2.0 / Flutter ^3.16.0.


  • Use stable version range.


  • [ADDED] Support for overriding view names, which allows having separate tables for a synced mode and a local-only mode, and moving data between the two.

    • The use case is a user first using the app completely offline (without registering an account) and then potentially at a later stage connecting an account and syncing data, without the upload queue continuously growing in size before that.

    • Includes support for preserving local-only tables when clearing the database: await db.disconnectAndClear(clearLocal: false)

  • [ADDED] Enable SQLite recursive triggers, which allows full-text search functionality.

  • [IMPROVED] Validation of the schema definition now includes checks for invalid characters in names, duplicate columns and indexes, and invalid indexes.

  • [IMPROVED] HTTP error messages now include more details about the error if available.


  • [IMPROVED] License the entire library under Apache 2.0.

  • [IMPROVED] Update the uuid dependency.


  • [IMPROVED] Some parameters to PowerSyncCredentials are now optional.

  • [IMPROVED] Update dependencies.

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