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Cloud Service 0.6.0 and Flutter SDK Preview 3

AUTHOR: PowerSync Product Team

We're pleased to announce that we've shipped multiple updates to the PowerSync Cloud Service, the Flutter SDK, and our developer documentation.

Cloud Service v0.6.0

  • [NEW] Added preliminary support for sharding [docs]

    • [NEW] Sync rule support for sharding has also been added [docs]

  • [NEW] Added support for custom primary keys on clients. This enables developers to add support for different PK schemes such as auto-incrementing IDs. [docs]

  • [NEW] Added support for partitioned tables, table aliases and table prefix matching [docs]

  • [NEW] Added support for PostgreSQL schemas other than "public" [docs]

All developer preview Cloud Service instances have been automatically upgraded.

Flutter SDK v0.2 - Preview 3

  • This release contains minor changes - mostly around initial support for the server-side changes around custom primary keys, and initial work to support sharding.

  • Full changelog here:

Documentation Updates

We've also added Known Issues and Roadmap sections to our docs!

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