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Attachment Helper Library and Example Implementation

AUTHOR: PowerSync Product Team

Many of you have asked for the ability to sync attachments, such as photos, in addition to data. We have just published a library with attachment helpers and a corresponding example implementation in the React Native To-Do List example app.

  • Attachments library: The @powersync/attachments library can be used to manage and sync attachments in TypeScript and React Native apps. This package is currently in a beta release - we would love to hear your feedback and our team is available on Discord to answer any questions.

  • Example implementation: The PowerSync React Native + Supabase To-Do List example app has been updated to allow users to take photos, and uses the @journeyapps/powersync-attachments library to sync photos. It uses Supabase Storage to store the photos.

    • A guide through the implementation can be found here.

This library and example app can be used as a reference for implementing similar functionality in Flutter, or using a Postgres backend without Supabase. If you would like to see different example implementations, please let us know in Discord

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